Frost Ensembles

A conductor in a dark colored suit guides an orchestra with a baton in his right hand. A conductor in a dark colored suit guides an orchestra with a baton in his right hand.

Frost has more than 70 ensembles for you to explore. Regardless of your major, you can perform with many cross-genre ensembles. No need to stick with just one track or genre. Diversity is what it’s all about!

Miclen LaiPang
“I think that now, in this generation, we can’t take it for granted that classical music can just pull us out there, just classical music alone. I think that someone has to be well versed in everything in order to make it in the music world. Here, I’ve also been able to experience jazz, bluegrass, and fiddle music.”—Miclen LaiPang, violin, instrumental performance major






New Music Ensembles

  • Ensemble Ibis
  • Frost Percussion Group

Small Ensembles

  • Frost Flute Ensemble
  • Frost Clarinet Choir
  • Saxophone Ensemble (SaxBand)
  • Trumpet Ensemble
  • Horn Choir
  • Trombone Choir
  • Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble
  • Classical Guitar Ensemble

Chamber Music



  • Frost Chorale
  • Symphonic Choir
  • Women's Choir
  • Musical Theater Workshop





  • Frost Extensions 
  • Frost Jazz Vocal I
  • Jazz Vocal II

Small Ensembles

  • Accompaniment Class
  • Art Blakey Ensemble
  • Bass Desires
  • Brian Lynch Artist Ensemble
  • Dafnis Prieto Artist Ensemble
  • Daversa Composers Collective
  • ECM Ensemble
  • Frost Jazz Sextet
  • Funk/Fusion I, II
  • Guitar Ensemble I, II, III
  • Horace Silver Ensemble
  • Jazz Saxophone Ensemble
  • Miles Davis Ensemble
  • Monk/Mingus Ensemble
  • Odd Times Ensemble
  • R&B Ensemble
  • Recording Ensemble
  • Rhythmic Synchronicity
  • Stamps Jazz Quintet
  • Trio Class
  • Wayne Shorter Ensemble

Contemporary (Pop/Songwriting)          

Songwriter’s Ensembles

  • American Music Ensemble (AME)
  • American Modern Band (AMB)
  • American Musicians Group (AMG)
  • American Musicianship Collective (AMC)

Historical Theme Ensembles

  • Anglo Roots Ensemble (FolkU)
  • African-American Roots Ensemble (Crossroads)
  • Vintage Pop Ensemble
  • Modern Pop Ensemble           

Specialized Ensembles

  • Contemporary Keyboard Ensemble (Black n’ White)
  • Contemporary Country Ensemble (Sunshine State)
  • Contemporary Guitar Ensemble (Landfall)
  • Contemporary Recording Ensemble
  • Contemporary A-Cappella Ensemble
  • Contemporary Strings Ensemble
  • Contemporary Ensemble Workshop (D.I.Y. Ensemble)
  • Electronic Music Ensemble
  • Frost Laptop Ensemble
  • Frost EDM Ensemble