David Friddle, D.M.A. '06

David Friddle, D.M.A. '06David Friddle, D.M.A. ‘06, is an organist and conductor who has interests in choral music. His curiosity about Franz Liszt’s oratorio, Christus, eventually led to his research at the British Library and the Goethe-Schiller Archiv. He presented his findings at the 2005 national convention of the America Choral Directors Association, and his dissertation “Christus by Franz Liszt,” was later published as Christus: Oratorium nach Texten aus der Heiligen Schrift und der katholischen Liturgieand by Bärenreiter Verlag in English and German. David was the recipient of the Theodore Presser Award, along with additional grants from the University of Miami, which funded his research in England and Germany. His published articles appear in the Choral Journal, the Newsletter of the American Liszt Society, and the American Organist. David currently lives in Coral Gables, FL where he is continuing his career in sacred music.

Dr. David Friddle has been called one of the most towering figures in the organ performance world. He holds Doctor of Musical Arts degrees from the Juilliard School (Organ Performance) and the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami (Choral Conducting). He has held church and academic positions in New York City, as well as in North and South Carolina. Besides his work as a performer, David is also active as a scholar, preparing Franz Liszt’s Christus for publication by Barenreiter. His compositions have been published by Morningstar and Yelton-Rhodes. In July of 2014, he was featured choral clinician at the RCCO National Convention in London, ON.