Mission Statement

The Frost School of Music seeks to transform lives through the study and performance of music, and to enhance music’s future as the result of the most innovative and relevant curricula in higher education. The Frost School of Music is devoted to excellence and a culture of collegiality, in which a diversity of people, musical styles, and careers are valued. The Frost School of Music is a community of musicians committed to advanced musicianship for all Frost students across a broad array of majors and programs. The Frost School of Music seeks to elevate the community through intensive, sustained outreach to underserved populations. The Frost School of music strives to enhance the cultural richness of the University of Miami, South Florida and throughout the world as the result of world class performance, scholarship and research.

The mission of the Frost School of Music

  • To provide students with a highly innovative, inspiring and relevant education so that they can be leaders in the world of music; 
  • Contribute to the advancement of music performance, creativity and scholarship;
  • Have a transformative effect on the community through engagement and outreach, and;
  • Enrich the world with vibrant, innovative and brilliant cultural offerings.