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Frost Sitemap

Explore why Frost students have a unique competitive edge upon graduation.
The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is a nonprofessional degree, which offers the curriculum flexibility you need for a variety of pre‑professional studies, such as pre‑medical and pre‑legal.

Frost Bands inspire students to reach their fullest musical potential, and foster an environment of inclusion by honoring past musical traditions while also seeking out, commissioning, and performing new music by composers of diverse backgrounds. 

It is designed to develop the creative skills of talented songwriting artists by immersing them in the diverse traditions that form the foundation of modern American songwriting.

A regular presence at local, national, and international venues, the Frost Choirs have multiple performances at the American Choral Directors Association and National Association of Music Education conferences. The choirs have collaborated with a diverse array of esteemed artists and ensembles.
The Frost School of Music Dance Program focuses on the integration of artistic expression with historical and theoretical knowledge of dance. Classes concentrate on the educational and therapeutic use of movement.

The award-winning Donna E. Shalala MusicReach Program promotes the healthy growth of children and youth through the study and practice of music while nurturing the development of Frost student musicians to become advocates and ambassadors for music education for all children regardless of socio-economic standing
Situated on the northwest corner of campus and overlooking Lake Osceola, Frost School of Music houses stunning concert and recital halls, premier recording studios and labs, a growing technology center, a world-class music library, and an array of rehearsal and practice rooms, fully equipped to cater to student needs. 

From 1984 to 2017, Florida's Premier Live Music Festival provided world-class musical programming across genres. Guest artists included Jon Secada, Joshua Bell, Edgar Meyer, Ben Folds, Gloria Estefan, Bruce Hornsby, Jackson Browne, Shawn Colvin, Willy Chirino, and many others who graced the UM Maurice Gusman Concert Hall stage.

The Frost Band of the Hour supports The University of Miami Hurricanes as part of the Division 1 ACC Conference. They perform at UM football games held at Hard Rock Stadium, championship bowl games, nationally televised NCAA Men’s and Women's Basketball games, March Madness Basketball championship tournaments, marching band festival exhibitions, and sports and entertainment events throughout South Florida.

Your main source for music entertainment, sponsored by the Frost School of Music. Experience top GRAMMY®, Emmy®, and Tony® award-winning and nominated guest artists, faculty, students, and alumni up close as you never did before. 
The Frost Music Masters video series explores intricate musical works by celebrated musicians/composers in their respective genres, featuring members of our award-winning Frost School of Music faculty.

Designed to be accessible online and on-the-go, this free podcast will help prospective students, current students, and the general public to learn more about music from those who have already made it in the professional world. New Frost Sessions episodes are released biweekly.
 The Henry Mancini Institute positively impacts and encourages these emerging artists by providing unique performance, composing, and arranging opportunities offered only through the Frost School of Music.

The Frost School of Music’s Department of Instrumental Performance is best known for its distinguished artist faculty, chamber music focus, traditional and multi-genre ensembles, world-class guest artists, Frost Symphony Orchestra, Frost Wind Ensemble, and the Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra, which emphasizes "classical music plus." 

Under the guidance of a world-class faculty, piano students receive individual mentoring directed towards preparing them for a life in the music profession. Many of our students have performed in important venues such as Carnegie Hall and received top awards at international competitions. 

Live Entertainment Management Program is a master's degree with a direct connection to the performing arts and commercial music industries in Miami and around the world.
The Musicianship, Artistry Development, and Entrepreneurship (M.A.D.E.) The program is designed for the Business-Minded Musician. It aims to instill and foster a do-it-yourself attitude necessary for any entrepreneur and is also inclusive of a Music Business Minor Degree.

In the Media Scoring & Production program, successful students complete diverse media writing and production projects, develop technical and practical skills in the recording studio, and acquire an understanding of the music industry, all while allowing the freedom and flexibility for a student to focus on their preferred areas of emphasis, with outcomes that lead toward a viable career of their choosing.
The Music Education program prepares students to become outstanding music teachers, arts education leaders, and researchers. Guided by an exceptional faculty, students construct themselves both musically and academically to meet the demands of music education in the 21st century.  

The Frost School of Music's Music Engineering Technology program is the first program of its kind, developed in 1977, after several years of research and discussions with audio technology companies and recording studios across the country. The Weeks Recording Studio is the first in the world to house three full-size consoles in the control room.

In today’s fast-changing, multi-billion dollar music and entertainment industries, there are more record labels, publishers, distributors, and digital music services actively promoting the consumption of music than ever before. Students gain knowledge about virtually all aspects of the industry, including how each of the areas has evolved over time to lead us to where things are today, and how they are likely to continue evolving in the future.  

Frost Music Therapy students are provided with a comprehensive scientific, evidence-based curriculum; clinical training and research in numerous hospitals and clinics, including in the world-famous Miller School of Medicine; and exceptional music training with the diverse and creative faculty of the Frost School of Music.
The Musicology program offers world-class training for students embarking on careers in musicology and ethnomusicology. It features seminar-style teaching with low student-teacher ratios, a state-of-the-art library and facilities, and the opportunities for musical and interdisciplinary interaction.

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Learn about the current events happening at the Frost School of Music and beyond.

Frost Opera Theater at the Frost School of Music recognizes that today’s opera world is vibrant, eclectic, and ever-changing. Training, experience, and respect for tradition and innovation are central to the opera studies curriculum.

The Frost Preparatory Program offers music instruction for all ages. Our comprehensive programs will provide an experiential learning path for your child or self! Whether you want to bond with your toddler in Little Canes music class, or further enhance your musical skill sets - the Frost Preparatory Program has you covered.

Spend your summer studying with world-renowned artists in Salzburg, Austria, the birthplace of Mozart, and one of the most exciting places in Europe. Salzburg is where the world’s great musicians convene for the prestigious Salzburg Festival, a festival of concerts and opera unmatched in range and quality. See you there.
The Stamps Distinguished Ensembles Scholars program is funded through the Strive Foundation Music Scholarship Fund at the University of Miami. Stamps Ensemble Scholarship Awards are a unique offering at the Frost School and provide 19 top incoming freshman instrumental performance majors with full tuition and room and board for four years, plus funds for study abroad, performance travel, and other exceptional artistic experiences. 

The Department of Studio Music & Jazz invites you to study instrumental and vocal jazz at the innovative Frost School of Music. Develop your unique skills in courses for jazz improvisation, jazz arranging/composition, and experience on and off-campus performance opportunities.
The Frost School of Music has long been regarded as one of the most highly acclaimed institutions in higher education. It is through your support that we are able to continue our mission of providing brilliant music education and cultural resources to our community.

Known for its aesthetic diversity and openness to the ever-changing and progressive world of composition, the Frost School of Music’s Department of Composition and Theory has a long tradition of distinguished faculty and students.

If you aspire to sing in the world’s concert halls, opera houses, and other exciting performance venues, Frost singers perform in opera, recital, concerts, and choral performances. Our singers come to the department with unique skills and discover new perspectives and techniques to gain a competitive edge for the next step in their professional careers.

Winter Wonderful is an elegant candlelit dinner in a spectacular seasonal setting with carols and holiday favorites performed by some of the Frost School’s finest musicians. Proceeds from the intimate gala benefit Frost School music scholarships and the Donna E. Shalala MusicReach mentoring Program.